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顧問クレジット(Consultation only for the amount used)





10時間 55.000円(ご契約日から半年間有効)

20時間 110.000円(ご契約日から半年間有効)

30時間 165.000円(ご契約日から半年間有効)


法務顧問 月15.500円(リーガルチェック、法務相談無制限)

経営コンサルティング 月77.000円(生産管理、人事、戦略の構築、マーケティング無制限)


We do not have a monthly or annual advisory contract. The reason why it is expensive even though it is not used is that efficiency is wasteful regardless of company or individual.
For this reason, we have adopted a system in which legal advisory services are contracted on an hourly basis.

I want to find out the important matters of the company immediately, but I do not know how to search on the Internet, I want to seek expert judgment but do not have time to go, I want to consult with a professional who has confidentiality in private You can use it in any situation.

◎ Usage method and fee
10 hours 55.000 yen (valid for 2 months from contract date)
20 hours 110.000 yen (valid for 3 months from contract date)
30 hours 165.000 yen (valid for 4 months from contract date)
* You can purchase it in 10 hours.
We will reply to you by email or line within 24 hours (free).
We will use your time for telephone and in-person consultation only.


TEL 06-7878-6344 受付時間11:00~23:00(月~金)

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